iPhone App Store Developers Have Size and Price Limits: 2GB and $999

AppleInsider has a scoop on the iPhone App Store and the limitations Apple is placing on them. Each individual app will have a hard limit of 2GB, as well as a ceiling of $999 for each app. These two look like pretty reasonable limits for all but the most extreme of cases. If someone wants to charge more than $0, the… »6/13/08 12:59pm6/13/08 12:59pm

AT&T Limiting iPhones to ONE Per Customer, No Cash or Checks

AT&T just sent out an internal memo to its employees today limiting all iPhone purchases to one per customer—down from a previous three—and making everyone pay with credit cards or debit cards. Do they want to make their stock last until the 3G iPhone is out? Probably, since people who buy more than one are usually… »5/14/08 4:00pm5/14/08 4:00pm