Sea Instrument a Dive Computer Add-On for Posh Divers

A dive computer by any other name, the Sea Instrument is a square and (sort of) attractive piece of kit for rich divers. Launched this month by Danish watch designers Linde Werdelin, it clips onto the Biformeter watch and gives you all the info you need while you're blowing bubbles a hundred feet below the surface.… » 4/24/08 11:20am 4/24/08 11:20am

Linde Werdelin Watch Hands-On

Got a chance to fondle the Linde Werdelin Biformeter and I have a much better idea of what's up now. Essentially, this is a really fancy watch with a strange attachment that covers the mechanical part and adds a number of digital functions. » 6/26/06 3:13pm 6/26/06 3:13pm