This Ramen-Making Machine Can Feed an Entire City

Manna may have come from heaven, but ramen comes from machines. In eight hours, Bullex's Bigger Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line produces nearly a quarter million bags of noodles. Enough to feed the citizens of Springfield, Illinois two (literal) squares a day—just like instant ramen's creator intended. » 6/22/11 12:30pm 6/22/11 12:30pm

The Night Before the 3G iPhone Launch at the 5th Ave Apple Store

The line outside of the Apple store on 59th street in NYC is definitely an event. There are about 100 people wrapped around the block, patiently waiting for the iPhone 3G. We'll be up all night checking out the scene and talking to the diehards who can't wait to get their hands on the new phone. We've got games,… » 7/11/08 1:03am 7/11/08 1:03am

Leopard Lines are Ridiculous

If the video this morning didn't give you a good idea of how excited New Yorkers were about Leopard, check out this one. Richard Blakeley caught enough Apple-heads to fill up half of an entire city block. In the rain. Guess they really love iChat video effects. Video by Richard Blakeley » 10/26/07 9:00pm 10/26/07 9:00pm

Korean McDonald's Becomes First Restaurant to Offer RFID-Based…

Soon you'll be able to skip the lines at Korean McDonald's. Instead, just sit down, pull out your cellphone and pop in an RFID adapter to place an order. All you need is a phone that is compatible with the RFID adapter and can download the McDonald's ordering application. The idea of a fully autonomous Mickey D's is… » 9/17/07 2:30pm 9/17/07 2:30pm