5 Tools to Cope with Those Horrible Last-Minute Shopping Lines

So you've done it. You've successfully procrastinated gift-buying until the last possible second. Those carefree days of laziness come at a cost, and you're about to pay it by standing in line forever. Here's are some things that might ease your suffering a little bit. But just remember: You asked for this. » 12/24/12 4:00pm 12/24/12 4:00pm

Call For Photos: iPhone 3G Campers Around the World

Those New Zealand jerks may have gotten their iPhone 3Gs already, but everyone else around the world is still waiting in line, sweaty and hungry for their new devices. If they're anything like our friends in Gizmodo Japan, they're quite enjoying the experience. We want to know about it. Send in photos of the first… » 7/10/08 9:14pm 7/10/08 9:14pm