An Austin Airport Is Counting Cell Phones to Predict TSA Wait Times

If you're passing through security at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, do everyone a favor and make sure you have your phone's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on. Sure, it might be a teensy bit of a battery suck—but it will also help tell everyone around you just how long they'll be spending in airport security… »10/23/14 4:17pm10/23/14 4:17pm


Question of the Day: How Long are You Willing to Wait in Line For Black Friday Deals?

Based on an earlier poll »11/26/08 4:20pm11/26/08 4:20pm, we already know that plenty of you will be heading out to shop on Black Friday. Major polls listed in our indicate that the number of people heading out overall could be higher than in previous years. That having been said, I'm curious to know about what people are willing to endure to get…