​Is the Innanet RUINING teh English Language??? ¯\(°_o)/¯

There exists a certain paranoia that the web will somehow destroy the English language as we all start communicating solely in LOLs and smileys. But seen another way, the linguistic tricks we've enlisted to portray attitude and action, tone and meaning through text online are just the natural evolution of the written… » 1/22/15 1:10pm Thursday 1:10pm

How Many of These 79 Words Can You Actually Pronounce?

I make an ass out of myself at least twice a month from butchering the pronunciation of a word. It's always embarrassing! There's only two things you can do when you have no idea how to say something, either quietly whisper but quickly gloss over the word so no one hears you or say it with such complete confidence… » 7/31/13 10:30pm 7/31/13 10:30pm

Google's Collecting Thousands of Endangered Languages Before They Go…

The Internet is all about communication, which is super, but unfortunately, it's putting a lot of languages at risk of extinction by promoting more commonly spoken languages. It's sad that we're losing that culture. Google's stepping up to make sure they're not lost from the face of the earth altogether. » 6/21/12 2:20pm 6/21/12 2:20pm

Where Does "Ye Olde" Really Come From? (Hint: You Say It Wrong)

"Ye Olde" is one of those phrases we throw around for cheap laughs, but do you have any idea where that first part comes from? Or how to pronounce it? Probably not! Minute Physics takes a stab at explaining, and like most things in life, "Ye" was born out of laziness—and totally France's fault. » 4/20/12 12:00pm 4/20/12 12:00pm