If You Could Only Use One Social Network, What Would It Be?

Few of us have the mental bandwidth to care about the latest hot new social thing. When Foursquare split its app, I never downloaded Swarm in protest. I never signed up for Ello. Do I sound too get-off-my-lawn when I say screw Snapchat? » 3/30/15 7:00pm Monday 7:00pm

LinkedIn Will Give You a Whopping $1 for Leaking Your Password

A few years ago, LinkedIn screwed up big-time, and millions of user passwords got leaked. And now LinkedIn is prepared to pay each eligible screwed-over person a truly tiny settlement in one of the most arrogant and insulting settlements for digital duncery yet. » 2/24/15 1:00pm 2/24/15 1:00pm

Colleges Stalk Your Facebook To See How They Should Hit You Up for Money

On the scale of "irritating" to "soul-boiling" telemarketers, college alumni fundraisers aren't the worst. The way that school alumni relations offices decide which former students to contact, however, is a liiittle creepy. Colleges are scouring former students' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to figure out who to hit… » 1/26/15 1:50pm 1/26/15 1:50pm

What If We Dressed Like Our Social Networks?

We all spend so much damn time looking at them; what if we started... being a bit like them, too? In this photo shoot, Viktorija Pashuta imagined a world where we started dressing like our social networks. The results are... slightly disturbing. » 12/03/14 6:45am 12/03/14 6:45am

This Browser Extension Lets You See Any LinkedIn User's Email Address

Looks like someone finally found a use for the LinkedIn profile you've been sitting on for the past five years. Thanks to a new browser extension, you can now reveal the email address of any one of LinkedIn's roughly 260 million users—whether you're connected to them or not. » 4/01/14 11:50am 4/01/14 11:50am

Your Hacked LinkedIn Password Is Art

Last year, LinkedIn suffered the embarrassment of having millions of its users' passwords stolen. So someone went and turned it into art. Of course they did. » 12/13/13 6:45am 12/13/13 6:45am

Google, Microsoft and More Launch Campaign to Reform NSA Spying

Eight of the largest companies in tech have joined forces to battle the NSA's spying, demanding sweeping reforms of the US Government's surveillance policies. » 12/09/13 3:40am 12/09/13 3:40am

Report: LinkedIn's New Mobile App Is a Hacker's Heaven

Intro, LinkedIn's new mobile app, is great for networking, but as it turns out, it's even better for hacking. According to security experts, the app is incredibly insecure. » 10/25/13 9:12am 10/25/13 9:12am

Job Networking Site LinkedIn Filled With Secret NSA Program Names

Want to know all the code names for America's massive intelligence gathering programs? Just browse through the "intelligence analysts" who post their resumes on the public career networking site LinkedIn. ANCHORY, NUCLEON, TRAFFICTHIEF, ARCMAP, SIGNAV, COASTLINE, DISHFIRE, FASTSCOPE, OCTAVE/CONTRAOCTAVE, PINWALE, UTT,… » 6/18/13 1:43pm 6/18/13 1:43pm

Looks like LinkedIn is the newest site to (finally) jump on board the two-step verification bandwagon. So you can finally rest easy knowing that the safety of your resume is intact, or something. » 5/31/13 2:20pm 5/31/13 2:20pm

Is LinkedIn the Creepiest Social Network?

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. In fact, it stems from something I noticed way back in August of last year. After digging for answers and even a couple attempts at contacting their customer support, I’ve concluded that LinkedIn is by far the creepiest social network. » 5/09/13 3:45pm 5/09/13 3:45pm

Even LinkedIn Can Be Beautiful

I believe that what makes LinkedIn special is the actual content. I would like to propose a more "content driven" LinkedIn where users feel that it's more engaging and relevant towards their own interests. Business sites do not need to be "stale", and it could be a layout that is both professional and attractive. » 3/26/13 3:20pm 3/26/13 3:20pm

80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

Last week, on February 11th, Alexandra Watson (aka @happinesscoach) received a very exciting email in her inbox and promptly tweeted the news out to her 66,000 followers: Hurray, I am so super-duper popular on LinkedIn. My life now has meaning. » 2/18/13 10:34am 2/18/13 10:34am

Hey, Guess What: Your eHarmony Passwords Were Leaked, Too

You may still be dealing with the embarrassment of having your asinine LinkedIn password posted onlineI'm talking to you, BigPenis—but, honey, it gets worse. » 6/06/12 10:40pm 6/06/12 10:40pm

Bigpenis, and 6.5 Million Other Sad, Stupid Leaked LinkedIn Passwords

LinkedIn weakly admits still denies it was hacked, despite the fact that you can download a 270 MB list of all its hacked passwords. Was yours part of the list? That depends—was your password cockmaster? Find out below. » 6/06/12 3:44pm 6/06/12 3:44pm

LinkedIn Transmits Personal Data in Plain Text (Update: And Leaks…

The Next Web is reporting that LinkedIn's iOS app collects personal data from its calendar—without explicit consent—and sends it back to the company's servers in plain text. » 6/06/12 3:53am 6/06/12 3:53am

Believe It Or Not, LinkedIn Would Have Been Even More Annoying In the…

Constantly being bombarded with emails urging you to join your friends' and co-workers' professional networks on LinkedIn is incredibly annoying these days. But the folks at Squirrel-Monkey show us that it could have been a lot worse had LinkedIn existed in the 80s. » 5/01/12 9:13am 5/01/12 9:13am

10 LinkedIn Charts That Show How Apple's Hiring Practices Set It Apart

We pulled a bunch of detailed information about Apple's employees from LinkedIn - which is all available on the site. It turns out Apple employs way more general and administrative people than research and development engineers, according to the LinkedIn data. It also hires way faster than most other tech companies in… » 3/25/12 12:01pm 3/25/12 12:01pm

Would You Like To Choose Your Flight Seat Mate Using Facebook?

This is what KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is doing: their incoming check-in system will allow passengers to choose seat mates based on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, so he or she would be someone who shares your interests. » 12/16/11 4:05pm 12/16/11 4:05pm