Seeing a kiss from inside the mouth is pretty damn gross

Yikes. Never kiss anyone again, people. Because while you're politely closing your eyes and giving someone a smooch, your slimy mouth is inhaling another set of lips in what looks like squirmy worm sex on a stained enamel bed. It's gross. So gross. Okay, maaaybe a little bit sexy in a vomit-inducing, I feel weird sort… »2/06/14 7:59pm2/06/14 7:59pm

Lips Karaoke Game For Xbox 360: Hardware and Media Import Review

Xbox 360's Lips karaoke game is notable for two reasons. One is the Vegas loungy motion-sensitive wireless microphones that trigger bonus scoring opportunities for you as part of the game. The second is the feature that lets you use any DRM-free song from your iTunes/Zune/Amazon library as a base for singing. So what… »12/10/08 1:00pm12/10/08 1:00pm

Lips Karaoke Confirmed, Lets You Sing Any Song on Your Zune (or iPod!)

Microsoft just confirmed that Lips is not just an awkward prerelease codename but the final title of the Xbox 360 karaoke game with motion-sensing, rhinestone-encrusted microphone we've been hearing about. Most interesting though is integration with your Zune or-gasp!-iPod for loading your own songs into the game. No… »7/14/08 3:00pm7/14/08 3:00pm

Xbox 360's "Lips" Karaoke Game Microphone Has Motion Sensing, Vegas Lounge Lights

Could the rumored upcoming "Lips" accessory + game to the Xbox 360 have the most advanced karaoke microphone for a game yet? Quite possibly. The game's made by iNiS, a team that's no stranger to music games, and features the accessory that pulses in time with your singing, plus detects how you swing it around when… »7/11/08 7:30pm7/11/08 7:30pm