Video: Turning soda cans into liquid metal looks so fun

I'm not going to give my aluminum cans to recycling centers anymore. Instead, I'm going to melt them down to liquid metal and create awesome metal objects with them. All I need is a hair dryer and some charcoal to create this awesome mini metal foundry. It turns about 40 cans into a pound of aluminum. » 12/31/14 9:02pm 12/31/14 9:02pm

Apple May Have Finally Figured Out How to Make a Liquidmetal iPhone

The incredibly promising metal alloy from Liquidmetal has been around for a while, but no one's really been able to figure out how to put the difficult-to-manufacture material to good use–until now. According to a new patent uncovered by Electronista, Apple seems to think it's figured out the key. One day soon, you… » 7/17/13 9:30am 7/17/13 9:30am

Apple Is Already Using Liquidmetal in Its Products

A couple of years back, Apple purchased the patents from a materials firm by the name of Liquidmetal. The company made an amorphous metal alloy which combined high strength with the ability to be bent and flexed into complex shapes without suffering deformation. Many have speculated what Apple might use the… » 6/05/12 10:28am 6/05/12 10:28am

Danamics CPU Cooler Chills Chips With Liquid Metal: Won't Terminate Them

Advanced CPU cooling may be mainly the domain of extreme overclockers or case-modders, but this new Damamics CPU cooler may tempt you anyway just for the thought of the tech involved. The upcoming LM-10 is the world's first commercial CPU cooler based on liquid metal. Yup: liquid metal. Liquid metal has thermodynamic… » 7/21/08 4:25am 7/21/08 4:25am