Put Some Age On Your Cheap Booze With the Help of 15,000 Volts

Why get drunk on cheap booze when you can get drunk on cheap booze that actually tastes good? That is the question Jon Sarriugarte asked himself when he and a buddy set out to solve the problem of how to artificially age brandy. Inspired by a single sentence in a book from the 1930s, they decided that electric current… »4/24/08 6:10pm4/24/08 6:10pm

Party Shot Luge for Bringing Out the 21-Year-Old Girl in You

The latest trends at bars are these ice sculpture shot taking things, but now you can bring the fun of an "ice luge" to your own home. The Party Shot Luge is a mold that can be filled with water and frozen. Pop the luge out and begin pouring liquor down the luge into a mouth or shot glass. Oh man, I love being a… »4/13/07 8:20pm4/13/07 8:20pm

Shots Liquor Console: Bedspins Even Before You Imbibe

Okay, my little droogies, get ready for the ultra-viol with this liquor bottle holder by J.P. Meulendijks that can be set on its side as a coffee table or stood up on end as a console. The Shots Liquor Console's 10 oddly-angled recesses are the perfect size for liquor or wine bottles, and will make you feel inebriated… »9/25/06 10:10am9/25/06 10:10am