10 Greatest Super Bowl Tech Ads of All Time

While most Super Bowl ads tout products you can eat, drink or drive, the smattering for tech products have been among the game's most memorable commercials. This year Best Buy, Time Warner Cable and Cars.com will continue their Super Bowl ad traditions, while BlackBerry will run its first game time ad - a bit of a… » 1/31/13 3:20pm 1/31/13 3:20pm

A Comprehensive List of Ultraportables, Netbooks, Mini-Notebooks, Or Whatever You Call Them

When the Asus Eee came out, the market was simple. There was only one tiny, cheap laptop so you knew which one was for you. That was less than a year ago, but things move quickly in the tech world. Now it's tough to keep up with the major brands offering mini-notebooks, let alone every no-name knockoff (where you may… » 8/22/08 8:38am 8/22/08 8:38am

The 100 Greatest Tech Innovations Of All-Time List Takes Balls

Whenever someone does a comprehensive countdown list like this, it goes without saying that they are really sticking their neck out. And Maximum PC is putting everything on the line with their list of the 100 greatest tech innovations of all-time. The title is a little misleading given the fact that the list is… » 12/03/07 9:10pm 12/03/07 9:10pm