DSi Will Peacefully Coexist with the DS Lite on U.S. Store Shelves

The recently-announced Nintendo DSi »10/04/08 6:00pm10/04/08 6:00pm will not, as confirmed by a Nintendo spokesperson, replace the DS Lite in the U.S. Her reasoning? The DS Lite is in half of all Japanese households, but only a fifth of U.S. households. Apparently this kind of whirlwind success actually means there is "huge untapped potential" for…

New DS Lite Colors Look Like Watermelon and Green Apple Jolly Ranchers

A pair of new DS Lite flavors—and they do look more like yummy cherry and lime candy flavors than mere colors—have been spotted on a couple of Spanish retail sites, one of which is GAME, apparently the second-largest specialty gaming retailer in the world, so there's some solid reason to believe these babies are real,… »5/19/08 11:59pm5/19/08 11:59pm

Hi Volt Antivirus Brings Unorthodox Safety Measure to Your Lappie

We've seen awesome Tesla coil art many times before, and the latest addition to the catalog is no exception. With Christmas decorations, a vehicle anti-theft device and allied soldiers all getting the Tesla treatment, it was only a matter of time before the humble laptop entered into the realms of electrical… »4/06/08 10:00pm4/06/08 10:00pm

Rare Inner Beauty: The Asus Nova Lite 2L Mini PC Hides Stereo Under Its Grill

Mini ITX machines around the size of a Mac mini aren't rare. But machines like this with stereo speakers built in that look like little precise German lunchboxes of computing power, well, that's not something you find every day. Precise? Yes, take a look at the front mesh and side grills. The single fan design makes… »3/20/08 8:31am3/20/08 8:31am

Nintendo DS Lite Now in Black and Blue, We Think It's the Sexiest One Yet

Circuit City has a cobalt blue/black DS Lite for preorder on their website. Considering three minutes have passed since the last time the DS got a costume change, this makes perfect sense to us. No word on the release date, but as always, it's $130. Get it now to complete your collection and make Nintendo a few more… »1/25/08 6:45pm1/25/08 6:45pm