Aevex Gloves Self-Heat Using Hidden Lithium Batteries

Surprise, the reason your ski jacket doesn't have a heater in it is because nobody likes lugging around the car battery required to keep it running. But like many portable electronics, Aevex harnessed the stored energy of lithium-polymer batteries, form shaping them to fit snugly inside a glove. You get 4-6 hours of… » 10/13/08 7:53pm 10/13/08 7:53pm

Giz Explains: Batteries, Tech's Choke Point

The biggest chokepoint in technology is a single roadblock: batteries. Amidst all of the amazing advances in the last 50 years, battery tech has remained fundamentally unchanged, engineers incrementally squeezing out a few extra drops of power from old tech each year. With better batteries, you wouldn't just be able… » 8/27/08 2:00pm 8/27/08 2:00pm

Sony Sez Lithium Polymer Batteries are the Future of Laptop Batteries

Stan Glasgow, the head honcho of the Sony, told reporters that there will be a push to incorporate lithium polymer batteries into notebooks, rather than the currently used lithium ion. » 12/08/06 1:00pm 12/08/06 1:00pm

Pushing the energy density in the lithium ion batteries definitely haven't helped resolve the recent laptop battery explosions. This…