Video of Go!Explore, PSP's Free GPS

Here's video of Sony's upcoming Go!Explore realtime map for the PSP. We're digging that the software is free with a purchase of Sony's GPS add-on. Because not everyone owns an iPhone, OK? And not all of us want calamari three meals a day. [Kotaku] » 8/23/07 8:00am 8/23/07 8:00am

Video of PlayTV, PS3 to PSP DVR Walkthrough

While filming this walk-through of Sony's new DVR on the PS3 (with content streamed to the PSP), I mouthed to another writer, "This is hot shit!" » 8/23/07 7:45am 8/23/07 7:45am

Video of Go!Messenger, PSP Video Conferencing

Of all Sony's recent PSP announcements, this is really the only one that could directly impact American consumers in the near future...and long distance relationships everywhere. [Kotaku] » 8/23/07 7:27am 8/23/07 7:27am