Samsung's Printers will Make you Want to Have Hot Desk Sex with Them

Samsung has made its new printers look like works of art. Both models are a deliciously glossy piano black and, while the 11-cm thick ML1630 (above) is a monochrome laser printer, the SCX-4500 is multifunctional. Both of them rock blue LED displays and buttonless sensors, and the custom-designed semi-auto docking… » 8/30/07 7:31am 8/30/07 7:31am

LG Bumping All LCD Monitors Fabbed After Sept. 1 to 5000:1 Contrast…

LG's contrasting up all of its LCD monitors produced after Sept. 1, pushing them all to a contrast ratio of 5000:1. They're all sporting some proprietary tech dubbed "Digital Fine Contrast" that supposedly "dynamically controls controls brightness." Flagshipping the 5000:1 contrast goodness are two new monitors: the… » 8/30/07 6:53am 8/30/07 6:53am

Palm-Sized Projector from LG Goes with Anything, Rocks the Color

LG used IFA to announce the arrival of their first palm-sized projector, the HS101 - which, judging by their comments, they're pretty pleased with. "Industry experts told us it would be impossible to make such a small projector with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 100 ANSI lumen output," said LG's head of LCD TV… » 8/30/07 6:37am 8/30/07 6:37am