The Terminator and Grey's Anatomy Hit Xbox Live Marketplace With ABC and MGM Content Deals

Announced during Bill Gates' keynote by the Robbie Bach, ABC, the Disney Channel and MGM are all putting content onto Xbox Live Marketplace. ABC and Disney are starting out with 500 hours of content in SD and HD, including Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, plus Disney shows like Hannah Montana. MGM's… »1/06/08 9:30pm1/06/08 9:30pm


Life's Mysteries: Why Xbox Live's Point System Makes No Sense

One of the most annoying things about Xbox Live is the currency setup. The points aren't 1-to-1 with real money (like on the Wii where $5=500 points), and you've gotta buy 'em in bulk—the bulk aspect made worse by the non-direct setup. There's a good reason for that, right? Well, Xbox Live's Aaron Greenberg actually… »12/10/07 9:45am12/10/07 9:45am

Microsoft Discovers Synergy, Launches "Ignition" Promotional Platform Across Zune, Xbox and MSN

With its mind increasingly turned to advertising, Microsoft has decided to put its multi-platform positioning to use as a promotional powerhouse. Lamely dubbed Ignition (good Offspring album, bad mid-90s connotation), the program pimps artists (currently, but don't be surprised to see movies, TV shows, etc.) across… »6/05/07 3:10pm6/05/07 3:10pm