Sony Ericsson's Mini Display For Android Phones Looks Like An iPod Nano

Sony Ericsson just announced LiveView, a new hardware accessory for Android 2.x phones. It's a 1.3" bluetooth mini-display that can be used as a remote control for your phone and worn like a watch. » 9/28/10 9:10am 9/28/10 9:10am

Sony's New Entry Level DSLRs Officially Announced, Again

Sony's newest budget Alpha DSLR's have been leaked dry, leaving nothing to mystery for today's official announcement. Really, nothing. So here are some new pictures! » 5/18/09 8:50am 5/18/09 8:50am

Olympus E-620 Entry-Level DSLR Has Swiveling Live View, Impressive Specs

Non-crippled DSLRs don't get a whole lot cheaper than $700, so it's heartening to see the Olympus E-620 carry such a solid spec sheet at that crucial price point. » 2/24/09 6:20am 2/24/09 6:20am

Nikon D700 Also Hacked to Record Video

Inspired by the success of the Canon Liveview DSLR video hack, Olivier Giroux repeated the trick for his Nikon D700. As was the case with the Canons, it works—sort of. » 1/28/09 5:09am 1/28/09 5:09am

Nikon D3x Specs Leaked: A Mighty Flagship Cometh

The long rumored, medium-format-friendly D3x is profiled in detail in an upcoming issue of Nikon Pro, and Nikon Rumors published the pages themselves and a rundown of details, including 5fps 24.5-megapixel shooting, 51-point autofocus and a 922,000-dot LCD screen for Live View. Here's the basic spec rundown: » 11/28/08 1:30pm 11/28/08 1:30pm

Argraph Offers Live View Addon for DSLRs: Zigview

Two of the biggest buzzwords at the PMA convention last week were "Live View," giving DSLR users the ability to see a shot framed up on an LCD viewscreen as well as in the camera's optical viewfinder. Now Argraph has rolled out Zigview, a 1.3-megapixel sensor that attaches to the optical viewfinder of a DSLR,… » 3/12/07 11:19am 3/12/07 11:19am

PMA 07: Olympus E-510 and E-410 Hands-On

We got our hands on the $899 Olympus E-510, the latest digital SLR from the company that wants to spread Live View goodness across its product line. One thing we noticed immediately was the excellent view screen, with its 176° angle of view, making it easy to see even from a steep angles. » 3/09/07 12:50pm 3/09/07 12:50pm

Olympus EVolt E410 and E510 DSLRs Now at 10MP, Both With Live View

Olympus updates its EVolt series of DSLRs, introducing the EVolt E-410 and EVolt E-510 digital SLRs that add a couple of enhanced capabilities. The megapixelidge is raised from the 8MP of the earlier E-400 and E-500 cameras to 10MP. Sensor technology has been beefed up, too, with Olympus claiming its TruePic III Turbo… » 3/05/07 12:00am 3/05/07 12:00am