Dealzmodo: Xbox Live Vision Bundle At $49

Best Buy and Gamestop are discounting the remainder of their stock of Xbox Live Vision Bundles to $49 in order to clear them out for the new Chatpad Live Bundle that's coming soon. If you still don't have a camera for Xbox Live, this is a fantastic deal to get that, 12 months of Xbox Live, two XBLA games and 200… » 10/01/08 8:00pm 10/01/08 8:00pm

Xbox Live Vision Camera Maps Your Face Into Rainbow Six Vegas

Not a gadget, per se, but the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas game for Xbox 360 will let you use the Xbox Live Vision » 10/13/06 7:00pm 10/13/06 7:00pm Camera to let you map your face onto your character. We saw a of this in action before, and personally I'm pretty excited about this feature.