After You Croak, the OrganOx Will Keep Your Liver Fresh for the Next Guy (NSFW)

Liver transplantation has become a victim of its own success with far more recipients registered to waiting lists—roughly 30,000 in the US and Europe—than there are available donor organs. What's more, a staggering 2,000 viable livers must be discarded annually because they didn't survive the journey from donor to… »3/19/13 11:30am3/19/13 11:30am

Scientists Can Now Grow Functioning Liver From Stem Cells

Scientists have promised a lot of regenerative medicine will come from stem cells, but so far progress has been fairly slow: they can stimualte regrowth of heart tissue, make incredibly expesnive artifical blood, or—at best—construct a short piece of vein. Now, though, scientists are claiming they can grow functional… »6/21/12 6:23am6/21/12 6:23am

Liver Monitoring Cell Phone Might Send You Back To Rehab

Korean scientists have developed a liver enzyme checker that analyzes a blood sample then connects to the base of a cell phone. Once connected, it relays the test results to a server at a hospital or doctor's office. There's no word on when this technology will be released to the public, but the Korean Institute of… »12/14/07 10:40am12/14/07 10:40am