The 50-Foot Mechanical Spider Awakens

The 50-foot robot spider known as "La Princesse" has awakened from hibernation to explore the streets of Liverpool. This £1.5m beast is supposed to aid tourism and spur the local economy—which will just mean that La Princesse has more goodies to eat. We're not quite sure what strange marching bands and snow have to do… » 9/05/08 5:20pm 9/05/08 5:20pm

50-Foot Robot Spider Plans to Attack the UK on Friday

Commuters at Liverpool's Lime Street station need only to glance at a nearby office block to bear witness to their impending doom. What they will see is a 50-foot, 40 ton spider that currently lies dormant, but it is set to "come alive" on Friday. Apparently, the spider is a component in an elaborate bit of street… » 9/03/08 2:10pm 9/03/08 2:10pm