Rumor: YouTube Close To Adding Live-Streaming Functionality?

After live-streaming U2 concerts, Indian cricket and even Tiger Woods' confession, it looks like YouTube might be close to opening up live-streaming for all. Screenshots of a new YouTube toolbar with 'Live Stream' added suggest so, anyway. » 6/04/10 4:49am 6/04/10 4:49am

YouTube Opening Online Movie Rental Service Tomorrow For Fans Of Little…

2010 looks like the year YouTube will leap back into headlines for non-Susan Boyle-related reasons. Thank god for that. After yesterday's live cricket streaming deal was mentioned, their move into online movie rentals should make indie movie lovers happy. » 1/21/10 4:41am 1/21/10 4:41am

YouTube To Live-Stream Sports With Multicam—Howzat?!

YouTube's signed a deal with the Indian Premier League to broadcast all Twenty20 cricket matches around the world, for free. It's not the most thrilling of news, but it's a healthy step away from being associated with live-streaming U2 concerts. » 1/20/10 9:19am 1/20/10 9:19am