Meet the Richest Hypocrite in Silicon Valley

John Doerr is a White House advisor, prominent billionaire, and Silicon Valley household name—at least among yuppie Valley households who care. Six years ago, he famously stepped back and forth across a TED Talk stage cheerleading "green tech," warning of global environmental disaster, and breaking into tears at the… »5/08/13 3:27pm5/08/13 3:27pm

How Much of Your Phone Bill Goes Toward Lobbyist Scum for Verizon and AT&T?

A new administration means revamped lobbying operations from Verizon, AT&T and other carriers. Last year, Verizon spent $9.3 million on lobbying, while AT&T spent $8.2 million. The WSJ says they're already on track to spend more this year as they beef up their operations—and you gotta figure the way the new chairman… »8/12/09 9:30am8/12/09 9:30am