This Biodegradable Golf Ball Is Made From a Lobster

Lobsters! Not only do they have delicious meat, their shells have use too! Researchers at the University of Maine have developed a biodegradable golf ball from lobster shells. It's cheaper than the typical biodegradable ball ($0.19 vs $1) and can be hit straight into the ocean without the environment weighing down on… » 4/13/11 7:40pm 4/13/11 7:40pm

Camera Sees Through Walls Using Lobster Technology

A lifelong dream of ours has been to be able to see through stuff, but using a camera based on the way lobsters see isn't quite what we pictured. The Lobster-Eye X-ray Inspection Device by Physical Optics Corporation works by beaming X-rays through walls and inspecting the reflection. These are low-power X-rays so… » 12/20/07 4:40pm 12/20/07 4:40pm