Welcome to the Outdoors of the Future

Will we even go outside in the future? You wouldn't be blamed for thinking we'll all soon be living a climatically regulated life indoors. In movies, tomorrow's recreation is often confined to a bubble-enclosed environment—an artificially controlled, robotically operated "natural" experience that protects us from the… » 5/08/14 12:08pm 5/08/14 12:08pm

Unboxing the Future: Badass Bikes and Motorized Skateboards

We've been having a blast here at Gizmodo HQ getting ready for the Home of the Future, the real-life home we'll be showing off in New York beginning on May 17. Here's a little peek at two products from the transit world of tomorrow that we'll be featuring in our home. » 5/07/14 10:10am 5/07/14 10:10am