Location-Aware Wi-Fi Could Send You Free Beer at a Football Game

Potential buzzkill alert: you're at a concert, and your section runs out of beer. But magically, your phone gets a message that says you should head one section over where there's plenty of Buds to be had. Thanks to a developing Wi-Fi tech that knows exactly where you're sitting, that might soon be a reality. » 3/02/14 11:00am 3/02/14 11:00am

Watch an Entire Year of Foursquare Check-Ins Light Up NYC and Tokyo

We all see the occasional check-in on our social networks of choice, but Foursquare took a whole year of them, and crammed them into one glorious minute of glowing information. The whole mess of data is condensed down into a color-coded 24-hour span so you can see how people—Foursquarers at least—dart around their… » 3/21/13 12:32pm 3/21/13 12:32pm

Some Guy Always Gets Blamed for Lost Phones That He Never Stole…

Las Vegas, the amazing place that sucks souls, wallets and dignities, is also really good at swallowing cell phones. Drunk, partying, WHOOPS. And whenever a phone is lost, people who use location services to find their lost phones always seem to track it back to the same place: Wayne Dobson's house. But the thing is,… » 1/16/13 2:00am 1/16/13 2:00am

Facebook Now Scours Your Account To Suggest Real-Life Events

Facebook has just launched a new feature: Suggested Events. It scrabbles through your account history to find events you might like to attend in real life. But is that a great idea, or will it generate a bunch of irritating spam? » 12/23/11 5:46am 12/23/11 5:46am

Foursquare's Biggest New Feature Isn't Broken Anymore

The big ugly Foursquare Radar update that accompanied iOS 5—bringing constant location tracking and social tension to the app—has been fixed. Mostly. Although the friend alienation problem persists, you'll no longer get buried beneath horribly annoying notifications. » 10/26/11 3:14pm 10/26/11 3:14pm

AirLocation Lets the Wi-Fi iPad Really Use the iPhone's GPS Signal

AirLocation in an app that sends your iPhone's GPS signal to your Wi-Fi iPad. All you need to do is tether your iPad to your iPhone and flip on the AirLocation app on both devices. We've previously reported that the Wi-Fi iPad 2 gained GPS powers when tethered to an iPhone but we were wrong. You'll need an app like… » 4/28/11 12:40pm 4/28/11 12:40pm