PSA: Your Phone Logs Everywhere You Go. Here's How to Turn It Off

You probably know your phone can pinpoint your location for GPS, local search, or the weather. Hopefully, you also know that means your phone keeps track of everywhere you go, all the time. Don't be alarmed—it's the trade you make for the features you get. If it makes you uncomfortable, here's how to opt-out. » 12/19/13 8:58am 12/19/13 8:58am

Geoloqi Makes Constant Location Tracking Awesome Instead of Creepy

Your iPhone knowing your every move without your knowledge and without function: bad thing. Your phone knowing your every move so that you can share it with friends, receive geotagged reminders, and keep track of travels: very, very cool. » 5/06/11 4:00pm 5/06/11 4:00pm

Sprint to Humans: We Know Where You Are, and So Do the Police

In the last year alone, Sprint turned over users' GPS data to authorities 8 million times. While that number is misleadingly high—this could translate to under a thousand individual users—it's still terrifying. But wait, it gets even better! » 12/02/09 12:59pm 12/02/09 12:59pm

Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips to Have Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning Built-In

Broadcom already makes a boatload of the GPS chips found in mobile phones and other location-aware gadgets, and now they're adding Skyhook's Wi-Fi positioning service to most of their mobile Wi-Fi chipsets, spreading the location-based love even without GPS. This is how iPhone regular finds your location in addition to … » 10/01/08 1:40pm 10/01/08 1:40pm