Sony Planning to Drop $30 LocationFree License Fee

According to Maximum PC, sometime between now and the end of the month Sony will formally announce the end of their obnoxious $30 LocationFree PC serial key license fee (rhyming!). Currently, if you want to install the software on multiple PCs you would have to cough up the extra dough. The move is believed to be in… » 11/09/07 9:00pm 11/09/07 9:00pm

Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Video Streamer Reviewed (Verdict: Not Bad)

Ever since Sony introduced us to the LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station last summer, we were wondering if this place-shifting Slingbox precursor could deliver the goods. Now our buddies at Maximum PC have taken the VAIO-branded video streamer for a test drive, calling the image quality from its new HD-source-handling… » 10/19/07 12:06pm 10/19/07 12:06pm

Sony's Location Free LF-V30 Gets HD and Vaio Branding

It won't stream HD, but Sony's newest LocationFree TV (and Slingbox competitor) will take HD video sources by component cables, down sample them to QVGA, and spit em across your network or the internet to laptops running the Location Free TV clientware. (I believe Sling does higher res on a LAN, and their Pro unit… » 7/18/07 12:01am 7/18/07 12:01am

NetFront LocationFree Player For Windows Mobile PPC

If you've managed to buy yourself a Sony LocationFree to stream your TV to wherever you are, you might as well hock up another $19 and watch shows on your Windows Mobile phone as well. NetFront's LocationFree player for Pocket PC lets you stream MPEG4 over the air—or more likely, over Wi-Fi—from your Sony LocationFree… » 1/03/07 7:40pm 1/03/07 7:40pm

Sony LocationFree TV LF-B20: A Wireless Place Shifter

What's going on with placeshifting watch-your-tv-from-anywhere-in-the-world gadgets? I'll tell you what's going on: Sony's LocationFree TV line gets the LFB-20 wireless video-streaming base station, and the LFB-10, which is an ethernet only version. The systems both use H.264 codecs to put video across your network to… » 9/05/06 1:39pm 9/05/06 1:39pm