Knowing the Real Life Location of These Tweets Makes You Feel Dirty

Twitter is modern day people watching. Anytime you check it, you see what a person is thinking or doing or saying. But it's not all happening in a digital vacuum, they're on break at work tweeting about their boss, they're outside a hospital tweeting about their day, they're somewhere tweeting about something. This… » 1/15/13 1:00am 1/15/13 1:00am

Play Hide-and-Seek With Garmin's Chirp, a Geocaching Beacon With a…

Garmin's $23 pet rock "Chirp" can last up to a year in the wilderness as it records the number of people who stumble across its coordinates. It's for the more adventurous types, who love nothing more than geo-based activities. » 10/15/10 11:59am 10/15/10 11:59am

This Map Zooms In As You Unfold It

Pinch to zoom? Nah. Try unfold to zoom. The Map2, a "zoomable map on paper," is a clever invention that packs more detailed maps underneath its folds. » 1/23/10 9:04am 1/23/10 9:04am