Learn How to Pick Locks from a Competitive Lockpicker Who Truly Loves…

Schuyler Towne, a man who loves locks more than you'll love anything, is hosting a 24-part video course on how to pick locks. With any luck, you can become the next great lock picker after watching it (or at least, get yourself in your apartment when you lock yourself out). » 9/22/11 9:40pm 9/22/11 9:40pm

Watch a Competitive Lockpicker Who Truly Loves Locks Talk About Locks

If you were curious about how locks work and/or curious about what kind of person is a competitive lockpicker (as in they pick locks for sport) meet Schuyler Towne. He's completely obsessed with locks and loves to talk about 'em. » 8/18/11 9:34am 8/18/11 9:34am