Apple Comes to the Aid of Developers in Legal Fight Against Lodsys

When patent troll Lodsys went after iOS app developers for their use of in-app purchases, Apple quickly got involved, telling the company to step down. Now that Lodsys is refusing to back off, Apple is getting hands-on in this legal battle. » 6/10/11 12:05pm 6/10/11 12:05pm

Lodsys Raises Middle Finger to Apple and Continues Anti-Dev Lawsuits

Patent troll Lodsys tried to shake down small devs, claiming they hadn't licensed in-app purchases. Mama bear Apple came to their defense, saying they'd licensed in-app buys for everyone, so eff off. Now, Lodsys sayeth: Nope! Still suing! » 5/31/11 7:40pm 5/31/11 7:40pm