Loewe's Design Studio TVs are Absolutely Fan-Bloody-tastic

Look what we found at Loewe: four fantastic concept TVs from their design studio. The white Concept Lowboard, red Connect Tripod, Docking Pot and Roundboard have all sorts of fabby extras, such as subwoofers, wireless connectivity pits and sexy mood lights in places you would least expect it. And two of the designs… »9/04/07 8:30am9/04/07 8:30am

Loewe Connect Series TVs Offers Built-In Network Media Player

Loewe's network media center concept promises an intelligent TV set in a modern design. Loewe Connect has 3 sizes ranging from 32 to 42 inches, each with a built-in network media player, USB port, Ethernet port, WiFi and an integrated HD tuner. An additional model labeled the Connect Media DR+ has a built-in HDD… »8/21/07 6:23pm8/21/07 6:23pm