Your Old Phone Could Help Eavesdrop on Illegal Rainforest Loggers

How do you catch a logger in the dense, remote rainforest? For a long time, the answer has been satellites, which may sound high-tech, but actually means you're looking at photos of deforested land days after the loggers have made their getaway. A nonprofit called Rainforest Connection wants to turn old smartphones… »5/12/14 4:40pm5/12/14 4:40pm


These Timber Transports Were Built from the Wood They Shipped

Almost all early sawmills utilized water power to drive their sawblades, and were therefore located on riverbanks. This made delivering wood a breeze—just chop down a patch of timber upriver, push the felled logs into the water, and float them down to the mill. In narrow stretches of water, the logs could be pushed… »8/12/13 11:30am8/12/13 11:30am