Logic3 i-Station Rotate iPhone Dock Speaker Does Precisely That

Yes, another iPhone/iPod touch dock speaker that looks like the iPhone or iPod touch. But the Logic3 i-Station is not any »11/12/08 11:10pm11/12/08 11:10pm dock because, grab onto your underpants, it can rotate. Rotate. Ro-ta-te, people, so you don't have to "strain your neck," like the press release says. You don't believe me? I'm not surprised.…


Logic 3 Wireless Wii Keyboard Activates Couch Typing Mode

Why be tethered to your Wii when the rest of your controllers are free to swing about and fly around your living room? Logic 3's 32-key wireless keyboard lets you enter in names, messages and Wii Friend Codes like an expert, not a spastic ten-year-old swatting at invisible flies. It's £13.99 ($27) when it's released… »7/08/08 1:30pm7/08/08 1:30pm