Logitec Lands Six New Docks for iPod

Classy Japanese company Logitec has brought out three new iPod docks—rather like Daddy Dock, Mummy Dock and Baby Dock. You can see the LDS Ri500, aka Mummy, above, which includes a radio tuner and looks fabulously future-retro. Check the gallery for the other two, whose details are after the jump.

Teragate, 2-TB of Network Attached Storage

Uncap that cable modem and break out the soda pop because Logitec of Japan has a 2-TB network attached storage behemoth on the way. Dubbed the Teragate, this NAS offers enough space to store a healthy amount of digital media in all its forms. Those 2-TB are filled with a 1000BASE-T ethernet port and USB 2.0 ports…

Logitec USB FM Transmitter

This is kind of interesting. The Logitec USB FM transmitter plays back USB and WMA files from your USB device—think thumb drive—while being powered from your car's lighter outlet. An interesting alternative to FM transmitters that just transmit the sound from a standard MP3 player. There's six colors/textures, and is…