Logitec TV Tuner Lets You Watch More Than One Program Simultaneously…

Plug the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U into the USB port of your PC and you will be able to watch two TV shows at the same time. Connect a second one, thanks to its double USB, (see below, along with a screen grab) and you get to watch four shows. All sorts of features make the LDT-1S30X4U worth a closer look, however.
» 12/05/07 6:55am 12/05/07 6:55am

PC Lets You Swap Internal Drives All Easy-Peasy

If you're constantly opening your computer to swap out internal hard drives — and who isn't? — this PC has your name written all over it. Made by the familiar-sounding yet unfamiliar Logitec, the LC-74T can easily pop its 3.5-inch SATA drives in and out. Seems like this wouldn't be beneficial to too many people, but if … » 3/21/07 12:39pm 3/21/07 12:39pm

Logitec WiFi Skype Phone Lets You Talk Wherever There's WiFi

Logitec's getting into the WiFi Skype game and releasing their own me-too phone. Again, this Logitec is the Logitec of Japan, not the Logitech (with an H) of the US. Fortunately for Skype phone collectors like me, this is just an OEM of the Belkin Skype phone, but in white, like SMC's OEM version. » 8/29/06 4:45pm 8/29/06 4:45pm

Logitec LDS-Ri700 iPod Dock

Given that the WWDC was pretty much a flop for anything iPod or portable media related, we present to you more and more iPod accessories to feed that need until Apple gets off their lazy asses to give us something new. Logitec—note the lack of the "h" at the end—has released the LDS-Ri700 iPod speaker dock. It has a DBSS … » 8/09/06 1:06pm 8/09/06 1:06pm