Ultimate Mouse Smack-Down: Which Mouse Pwns?

As prosaic as a mouse may seem, a lot of us spend more time working with one than we do pulling our own puds. That's why we were interested in what ExtremeTech thought were the best mice of the year. Topping off the list as Best General Mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution (pictured at right), which we also praised.… » 12/28/06 1:28pm 12/28/06 1:28pm

Gizmodo Frankenreview: Logitech MX Revolution

We took every review, ever, of Logitech's golden boy the MX Revolution and simmered them over low heat for 20 minutes. The rich gelatin was then poured into a centrifuge where its contents were analyzed and translated into stunning 3D graphics by the Gizmodo Super Computer. Results show the Logitech MX Revolution is… » 8/30/06 2:00pm 8/30/06 2:00pm