Google's Logo Killed Serifs Because Serifs Had It Coming

Google debuted a serif-free logo today—the first real change to its logo since 1999. And although it’s much prettier than the 16-year-old wordmark, the company claimed it was more about functionality than looks: The Google logo has become more and more problematic throughout its existence, and it had everything to do… »9/01/15 6:15pm9/01/15 6:15pm

The hidden meaning behind 40 famous logos

Companies spend millions of dollars coming up with unique and compelling logos that define their brands and make them stand out from their competitors. We see hundreds of them everyday, but do we really get what those logos mean? This graphic is a compilation of 40 famous logos and the hidden meaning behind them. »12/11/14 12:19pm12/11/14 12:19pm

Why MIT Media Lab Scrapped Its Old Logo After Just Three Years

Back in 2011, Gizmodo reported on MIT Media Lab's cool new logo: A self-generating algorithm that gave each and every team and employee within the organization their own unique logo. This month, the lab revealed a new identity, doing away with the old version after an extraordinarily short run. And they had a very… »10/29/14 12:37pm10/29/14 12:37pm

Watch the 1969 Pitch That Convinced AT&T To Adopt Its Iconic Logo

In the late 1960s, the telecommunications revolution was in full swing. Yet the logo of its biggest innovator, AT&T, had remained the same for 80 years. It was time for a complete brand overhaul, so AT&T tapped legendary graphic designer Saul Bass to do it. After working on a new logo for one year—one year!—this is… »7/28/14 3:15pm7/28/14 3:15pm

These Parody Logos of Famous Brands Are More Honest Than the Real Logos

Most company logos usually play it pretty safe: stale stencils or vanilla graphics mixed with a bunch of nothingness to keep uniqueness to a minimum. That's never fun. But if you get too adventurous, the Internet skewers you. That's why we're left with logos and brands that pretty much are all different degrees of… »7/17/13 1:00am7/17/13 1:00am

The Age of the Anti-Logo: Why Museums Are Shedding Their Idenities

Designing a museum logo used to be a simple. Maybe you chose the outline of the building facade. Or a staid serif logotype. Or hell, just the heraldic seal of whatever aristocrat was underwriting the whole operation. But in an era of faltering endowments and fickle audiences, many museums are turning to high-concept… »6/03/13 2:04pm6/03/13 2:04pm

21st Century Fox's First Logo Fixes What Wasn't Broken

The logo is a volatile instrument. It can do more harm than good if it’s introduced the wrong way, or with too much fanfare, or with too much self-congratulation (remember the Gap debacle?). Which might explain why the unveiling of 21st Century Fox’s first identity, yesterday afternoon, could’ve easily slipped under… »5/10/13 12:02pm5/10/13 12:02pm

Did Microsoft Steal Its New Logo From a Candy Company?

Ritter Sport makes fine German chocolate in a variety of flavors. Microsoft makes electronics and software of all sorts. Ritter is found in grocery stores, bodegas, and booze emporiums the world over. Microsoft is found in pockets and PCs and places of business all across the land. Both good companies. Both successful… »9/13/12 11:30pm9/13/12 11:30pm