The Hidden History of This Year's MLB Playoff Team Logos

In one of the first games of postseason baseball today—the real postseason, not the play-in games—a team with a logo that Hallmark Cards designed will take on a team that once played with a Disney-designed logo. It's the Royals against the Angels, and there's plenty more weird baseball logo history where that came… »10/02/14 10:11am10/02/14 10:11am

Are Any of These 29 Decoy Yahoo! Logos Better Than the Original?

Tonight, at midnight Eastern Standard Time, Yahoo! will unveil its new logo. If you're confused—yes, Yahoo! has been "unveiling a new logo" (read: comic sans rendering of Yahoo!) at midnight for the past 29 days. It's all part of an unusual plan to evade the virulent public backlash that has haunted many recent… »9/04/13 9:20am9/04/13 9:20am

How One of the World’s Most Recognizable Band Logos Got Its Shape

The Black Flag logo is sort of like the Coca-Cola script: it’s been subverted and remixed so many times, it’s become bigger than its original intended use. Now, thanks to a mini-documentary produced by Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, we know the fascinating story behind the creation of the iconic mark—which,… »6/14/13 12:20pm6/14/13 12:20pm