'If Car Commercials Were Honest' Is Hilarious And Depressing

Cracked has taken the time to dump on car dealers and basically the entire process of buying a new car because, hey, it kinda sucks. Here’s what your local dealer’s commercials might look like if they were “honest,” had better lighting, and Steve Buscemi’s stunt double(?) as a spokesman. »8/12/15 12:09am8/12/15 12:09am


Google Maps Has Never Been Accessible On Internet Explorer Mobile Now Blocked on Windows Phone (Updated)

Earlier today rumors started floating around that Google is somehow now blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps through Internet Explorer. Well, it turns out that that was totally false and untrue. As it turns out, the mobile browser version of Google Maps was built for Webkit-based browsers, and the… »1/04/13 5:11pm1/04/13 5:11pm

Swiss Army Sunglasses: Announce Your Nerdiness Through Eyewear

Yes, these are Swiss Army Sunglasses. You can choose from over 240 different tools to put in it, including paintbrushes, a backscratcher, and a variety of knives. The biggest tool, of course, is you, who thinks not only that these aren't the fashion and design abomination that they are but also think they're worth the… »2/12/07 2:00pm2/12/07 2:00pm