You Can Get Android Lollipop's Best Feature on Older Android Phones

My favorite part of Android Lollipop is having a secure PIN code on my phone but never having to type it in, thanks to the new Trusted Devices and Trusted Places options that bypass the lock screen when I don't need it. If you've got an older Android phone, there's good news: An app can bring you the same great trick. »11/24/14 11:08am11/24/14 11:08am

Google's New Search App Has a New Look and App-Searching Superpowers

Over the last few weeks, Google has been adding Lollipop's material design flourish to all of its big name apps and services, and now the Google app is finally getting the same treatment. But in addition to its new look, Google is pushing its voice assistant even harder by opening up "OK Google" search to app… »11/12/14 1:15pm11/12/14 1:15pm

I Can't Believe How Great Android Lollipop Is So Far

Android 5.0 Lollipop just started rolling out. Like all Android operating system releases, it'll probably take a week or two to filter down even to Nexus devices, and maybe a month or two before it starts showing up elsewhere. But in the meantime I've been using it on the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6 and the developer preview… »11/05/14 2:41pm11/05/14 2:41pm

Here's How the New Gmail App Will Finally Tame Your Inboxes

Email is the bane of my existence. Trying to keep all my inboxes up to date and organized often feels like a full-time job. I've tried a couple of email clients now and nothing seems to work just the way I want it, but this leaked view of Gmail's Lollipop makeover, first spotted by Android Police, may be the app I'm… »10/20/14 10:29am10/20/14 10:29am