Paul Smith Makes Lomo Camera Fashionable with Fisheye No.2

Paul Smith's Fisheye No.2 Lomo camera is a subtle mixture of two things: The 180-degree bug-eye lens creates distorted images that are even more arty than your usual Lomograph »11/07/08 6:32am11/07/08 6:32am. Plus to the dwindling number of wet-chemistry photography fans (including myself) Lomography is something of a fashion-statement all of its…

Lomographic Fisheye Camera #Two: Still Capturing 180-degrees of Cool

The Lomo cameras were originally known for their leaky bodies that contaminate film with errant light — perfect for art house photos. This 35mm fisheye film camera improves upon Lomo's best selling first with more image distorting capabilities, and a metal case. More, details, and sample shots, after the jump. »7/28/06 10:30am7/28/06 10:30am