Nike's Specially Designed Track Spikes Helped a Double Amputee Sprint in London

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius just ran in the Olympics. Unlike his competitors he did it as a below-the-knee amputee, using Ossür's Flex-Foot Cheetah legs. But he also faced a unique challenge that his competitors didn't have to consider—how do you get track spikes on your prosthetics? »8/09/12 5:20pm8/09/12 5:20pm

Slow-Motion Flaming Tennis Should Be an Official Olympic Sport

It looks like the usual tennis superstars are going to walk away with all the medals at this year's Olympic games—yawn. So to make it more interesting and unpredictable four years from now, perhaps the organizers of the Rio games should consider adding flaming tennis balls into the mix, and filming everything in… »8/04/12 5:00pm8/04/12 5:00pm

The Olympics Are Using Miniature RC Mini Coopers To Retrieve Javelins and Other Track & Field Gear

The 2012 Olympics might best be remembered for being some of the most over-sponsored games ever. But even product placement can occasionally be awesome, like these 1/4-scale RC Mini Coopers that will be used to retrieve hammers, shots, discuses, and javelins when the track & field events finally get under way. »8/02/12 4:20pm8/02/12 4:20pm Helps You Keep Track of the Only Thing That Really Matters at the Olympics

Every nation, broadcast network, and news site on the planet have a way to keep track of the medal count at the Olympics. But why wade through all that other ancillary crap—like stories of athletes overcoming adversity and political drama—when all you care about is what nation has the most medals, and by extension is… »8/01/12 6:40pm8/01/12 6:40pm

Everything You Need To Stage Your Own Backyard Olympics

Every few years the Olympic games brings the world together to watch the planet's finest athletes compete for the gold medal—assuming you've got the money to travel the globe and can afford the ridiculous markups charged by restaurants and hotels in the host city. Not to mention trying to get tickets to the best… »7/31/12 4:00pm7/31/12 4:00pm

What the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Looked Like From a Performer's Hidden Camera

One of the performers appearing in the industrial revolution section of the Olympic opening ceremonies had the foresight to build a hidden camera into their costume, giving the rest of us a first-person view of what it's like to be part of the spectacle. It's a unique angle that not even NBC could have provided,… »7/30/12 2:20pm7/30/12 2:20pm

Here's Why We'll Hear Those Tennis Grunts at the London Olympics

The thwack of an arrow hitting a target. The splash of a swimmer diving into the pool. The clap of a sprinter's feet hitting the track. Those are some of the noises you'll hear broadcast through your TV when the London Olympics kick off next Friday. But you're not just hearing those signature sounds of sport… »7/18/12 12:00pm7/18/12 12:00pm

Biometric Testing for Workers on London Olympics Building Site

Over 100,000 construction workers on the 2012 Olympics venue in London will be subjected to biometric tests while they build the site. The two-tier system will scan hands and faces, and should be up and running by June this year, when work starts on the 50-acre site. And these measures, part of the $700 million… »3/05/08 6:53am3/05/08 6:53am