This Wall of Paper Pinwheels Turns Air Into Art

Thousands of paper windmills seem to spin effortlessly in The Wind Portal, an installation by Lebanese artist Najla El Zein at London's V&A Museum this month. However, the production process wasn't exactly effortless. In fact, extreme accuracy was required to build this massive wall of wind, because it relies on… » 9/30/13 12:00pm 9/30/13 12:00pm

Real Flowers Are Gonna Love it Inside the Lego Greenhouse

And however beautiful Lego flowers are, the real things are heaps prettier. This greenhouse, commissioned by Lego and designed by Sebastian Bergne for the London Design Festival 2011, will be displayed in Covent Garden from 15 - 25th September. [Sebastian Bergne via CubeMe] » 8/09/11 8:35am 8/09/11 8:35am

Chair Designed During Windows Panic Attack?

We already knew about painting by Windows error, but this mindbending chair at the London Design Festival looks like it was designed in the middle of a full-on Win 98 meltdown. [Core77] » 10/02/09 11:20pm 10/02/09 11:20pm