How Technology Has Innovated Loneliness

It's simple, as the world has gotten easier because technology has gotten better since touch screens have gotten touchier and social networks have filled every social void in our empty soul, we're still searching for substance. Too often social networks can result in the technological equivalent of empty calories—sure… » 8/09/13 8:02pm 8/09/13 8:02pm

Robotic Plant That Nods When You Talk Makes Me Want to Cry

Oh, my, this is a sad robot. It's a robotic plant, and all it does is nod at you when you talk to it. Apparently designed for the loneliest people on the planet, it provides as much comfort as an inanimate object designed to move up and down automatically can provide. It makes me sad to even think about some poor… » 10/02/08 4:45pm 10/02/08 4:45pm