An extreme case of how some people use social media to get attention

Remember Me is a typical boy-cheats-on-girl story that turns into a surprising tale of someone so narcissistic that he would do anything to get attention. Add Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to the mix, and things get crazy fast. It's exaggerated, yes, but I'm sure you know people like this online—and in real life too. »12/19/14 11:44pm12/19/14 11:44pm

Robotic Plant That Nods When You Talk Makes Me Want to Cry

Oh, my, this is a sad robot. It's a robotic plant, and all it does is nod at you when you talk to it. Apparently designed for the loneliest people on the planet, it provides as much comfort as an inanimate object designed to move up and down automatically can provide. It makes me sad to even think about some poor… »10/02/08 4:45pm10/02/08 4:45pm