Shooting Challenge: Figure Abstraction

Shooting Challenges are back for 2013, and our first of the year is a doozy. For this week's challenge, you'll capture beautiful human figures that blur into abstract art. An accomplished portrait photographer explains how. » 1/09/13 1:40pm 1/09/13 1:40pm

Paintings or Spinning Records?

Now that we all download or stream, don't you miss record (or CD) labels and sleeves? Sure, you can turn the visualizer on on iTunes or *cough* WinAmp but it's no match for trancing out to the spinning label of a record. » 7/22/11 10:20am 7/22/11 10:20am

A Burning Ring of Fire

Burning steel wool, a tripod, and a long exposure shot. That, and a canvas as haunting as the aurora borealis, are all it took for Tommy Eliassen to create this indelible ode to fire and light. [Telegraph UK; Image credit: Tommy Eliassen/solent] » 2/17/11 12:40pm 2/17/11 12:40pm

Your iPhone Takes Stirring Long-Exposure Photos With This Magic App

Sure, you've got your Hipstamatic filters and your ProCamera bag of tricks. But to capture truly ethereal slow-shutter speed shots and lithe light paintings, you're going to need Magic Shutter. It looks pretty amazing, and amazingly pretty. » 12/21/10 9:00am 12/21/10 9:00am

The Futuristic Street Art, Where No Spray Paint is Needed

Imagine Banksy doing long-exposure photography with doggy light stencils, and you're somewhere close to Pahnl's Nowhere Near Here video. Over 200 stencils were used in this stop-motion animation, and 300 long, cold hours. [Pahnl via DesignYouTrust via DailyWhat] » 12/03/10 5:40am 12/03/10 5:40am

This Aurora Photo Is the Most Insane I've Ever Seen

By far, this is the most spectacular and insane photography of an aurora borealis I've ever seen. When I showed this in our virtual bullpen, the unanimous reaction was complete awe. » 9/20/10 10:20am 9/20/10 10:20am

Bat(man) On Fire

Who needs the Bat-Signal? Especially when a Canon EOS 7D, a cheapo fireworks sparkler, and a little long exposure trickeration can give you something much, much cooler. » 7/14/10 12:20am 7/14/10 12:20am

Lightdrawing Robot Takes the Guesswork Out Of Long Exposure Paintings

Not everyone's a PIcasso when it comes to long exposure art—though some of you guys aren't too far off—but even Pablo himself couldn't replicate the precise, geometric light illustrations created by Nils Voelker's Lightdrawing robot. » 12/25/09 8:00am 12/25/09 8:00am

Shooting Challenge: Slow Shutter Photography

For this week's Shooting Challenge, we're stepping away from fall leaves and hamburgers for the moment and moving to methodology. Even if you're no Picasso, we want to see what you can do with a slow shutter. » 11/18/09 5:46pm 11/18/09 5:46pm

Electrifying Landscape Photography Captures Our Electric World

We've all seen long exposure photography, allowing you to create shapes with light. But I don't think any of us has seen anything quite like the work of Barry Underwood, a landscape photographer for our connected, electric world. (More photos:) » 11/17/09 12:20pm 11/17/09 12:20pm