One Physicist's Quest for New Physics Beyond Einstein and the LHC

All eyes are currently on the upgraded Large Hadron Collider as it ramps up its hunt for new physics. But some physicists are already looking beyond and pinning their hopes on an even bigger machine, four times the size of the LHC. One of them is Nima Arkani-Hamed, the subject of a recent extensive profile by Natalie… »9/28/15 12:05pm9/28/15 12:05pm


Why the Human Body Can't Handle Heavy Acceleration

Our bodies are surprisingly resilient in many situations, but rapid acceleration is not one of them. While the human body can withstand any constant speed—be it 20 miles per hour or 20 billion miles per hour—we can only change that rate of travel relatively slowly. Speed up or slow down too quickly and it's lights… »10/01/14 2:20pm10/01/14 2:20pm

Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction

They say that success has many parents but failure is an orphan. Judged by that standard—or any other—the Internet is a success. Al Gore invented it. Tim Berners-Lee got a knighthood out of it. Everyone was using it before it was cool. But only two men have ever borne the title "Father of the Internet." One is… »5/23/13 1:22pm5/23/13 1:22pm

What Are You Reading While You Wait in Line to Vote?

If you believe in the power of voting, chances are you're going to head to a polling place sometime between now and the end of the day to cast your ballot. You'll probably be waiting a few minutes as well. With that in mind, we tossed together 10 election day pieces for you to save to Instagram/Pocket/Readability to… »11/06/12 3:40pm11/06/12 3:40pm

#Hurricanereads: Things to Read When Sandy Knocks Your Power Out

Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc along the eastern seaboard, causing flooding and power outages along the way. You might be one of the people affected by what is being referred to as the "frankenstorm." Provided you're somewhere safe, and lacking the means to accomplish any actual work, this is a perfect time to… »10/29/12 3:20pm10/29/12 3:20pm