Nokia High Fives Verizon For Picking GSM 4G Technology

The biggest yet least splashy news may still be Verizon Wireless's choice of 4G network, that is, following parent Vodafone to Nokia's Long-Term Evolution rather than choosing the Sprint/Intel WiMax way or sticking with EV-DO. Today Nokia, the self-styled "the world leader in converged devices," applauded VZW for its… »12/03/07 10:07am12/03/07 10:07am

Verizon Switches to GSM's Side For Ultra Highspeed 4G Technology

Verizon Wireless today announced it would support "Long Term Evolution" (LTE), the super fast 4G technology currently in testing from Nokia and its European friends in the 3GPP group, and operating at a blistering 100Mbps. It's certainly hot technology, but one seen as an extension of GSM's high-speed packet… »11/29/07 8:10am11/29/07 8:10am

Nokia Successfully Tests 100Mbps Wireless Data Network

Today Nokia said that in technical trials, the target of 100Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed for its next-gen cellular data network "can be met," and promised initial deployment by 2010. Americans probably won't see it until later, since the 3GPP LTE (don't ask) initiative has more momentum across the… »11/07/07 11:53am11/07/07 11:53am