SmartNav Hands-Free Mouse Controls PC With Your Head

Put the SmartNav hands-free mouse on top of your monitor, stick a tiny little reflective dot on your forehead, and you're ready to do some hands-free mousing around your PC. Sure, you'll need a foot pedal for the mouse clicking, which presents a problem for those disabled users who might have hoped to use such a… » 12/26/07 12:40pm 12/26/07 12:40pm

Completely Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, a World First?

This pair of Bluetooth speakers pair up with any Bluetooth player or cellphone, and their maker says they're the world's first completely wireless Bluetooth speakers. Sure, there are plenty of others, but they have a wire between the two speakers, but these have none. You don't even have to plug them into the wall,… » 6/21/07 10:17am 6/21/07 10:17am