Samsung Wants To Replace Your Credit Cards With These Clever Magnets

Your next Samsung Galaxy smartphone could have a neat trick up its sleeves. Just place your phone next to any ol' credit card reader, and press a button to pay. That's because Samsung just announced that it's buying LoopPay—a company that figured out how to trick magnetic stripe readers to accept your money wirelessly. » 2/18/15 5:10pm 2/18/15 5:10pm

Behold an infinite loop of magic fingers making pretzels for eternity

There are few things more mesmerizing than the How It's Madeseries. One of them is infinite GIF loops made from the How It's Made series. Hereto I present you the magic robot fingers that make pretzels forever for your collective ogling. » 6/30/14 11:55pm 6/30/14 11:55pm

Stop Carrying Credit Cards With This Fob That Can Fake Them

George Costanza would love the Loop: it's a tiny device that stores all of your credit card information, lets you pay at any terminal, and guarantees you'll never live with the threat of your wallet exploding again. And you can buy it right now. » 2/19/14 11:40am 2/19/14 11:40am

Libratone's Latest Wireless Speaker Is a Wooly, Wall-Mounted Audio Orb

The last time we heard from Denmark-based, fancy audio purveyor Libratone, they made one of the finest AirPlay speakers we had ever heard. At $400, the Zipp wasn't cheap, but it was considerably cheaper than anything else we had ever seen/heard from the company before. Here's their latest effort, a designy,… » 9/30/13 6:00pm 9/30/13 6:00pm

Use Loop To Animate The World

I'm really bad at drawing. Really really really bad. Like hand turkeys and stick figures level. But Loop might be a way to bring me up a little bit. It's an iPad app for making hand-drawn animations, but you can use it with guides like other drawings or photos for tracing. Basically there are a bunch of different ways… » 8/11/13 5:14pm 8/11/13 5:14pm

Luma Loop V2

There's lots of alternatives to the strap that comes with your camera, like straps with thicker padding. But I'm pretty into sling-style straps, especially for torturous events like CES. Luma's 2.0 Loop is a radically simple, elegant implementation of a sling strap. » 3/18/11 10:00am 3/18/11 10:00am

Nokia Gets Stuck in the Same Old Loop

Loop has been created by Nokia to give Nokia N8 and C7 owners something to boast about. The app's exclusive to those two phones and lets users create their own music tracks by sampling and mixing the world around them. » 12/10/10 3:40am 12/10/10 3:40am

A Better Camera Sling Inspired by Marine Corps Rifles: Luma Loop and…

The original Lumaloop was an excellent, simple camera sling. The new Loop and LoopIt (for point-and-shoots) use a new sling connector—from the company who invented the one used on US Marine Corps rifles—to instantly attach and disconnect cameras. » 12/06/10 5:40pm 12/06/10 5:40pm

The Loop Controls Your TV Like the Wii for $100

The Loop really impressed us back at CES...2007. A circular remote that functioned a lot like the Wiimote, the promising Loop turned heads before disappearing into the bowels of the tech world. (Until now.) » 6/15/09 9:10am 6/15/09 9:10am

Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Frucci Edition

Our charming and sexy Adam Frucci was a guest on Attack of the Show » 2/15/07 7:25pm 2/15/07 7:25pm of G4TV fame yesterday, discussing , , and whether consumers really care about the format wars at all. There are some other dudes on there talking as well, but we were just counting down the moments until Fruccimodo came back on screen.

The Loop: Motion Controlled Remote Hands-On

The Loop motion-controlled remote may have seemed like a gimmick at first, but after playing with it firsthand, we have to say that it seems like the remote of the future. Let us explain. Hillcrest Labs' technology allows you to flick your wrist up, down, left or right in order to move the cursor around on the… » 12/06/06 12:00pm 12/06/06 12:00pm