Niveus and MusicGiants Offering HD Music Downloads

Apple and EMI stole the spotlight earlier this month with their DRM-free music announcement, but now Niveus and MusicGiants are teaming up to bring you the first joint HD music store. The store will let audiophiles listen to and download music in the Lossless WMA format at rates up to 1,100 kbps. You'll also be able… » 4/12/07 1:43pm 4/12/07 1:43pm

Gemei X21 Portable Audio Player With Monkey's Audio Support

Chinese manufacturer Gemei is coming out with the X21, an otherwise run-of-the-mill portable audio player save for its ability to play Monkey's Audio files. Monkey's Audio format files can be identified by their file extension, .APE. It's a lossless audio codec like FLAC, meaning you shrink the size of the song files… » 8/14/06 3:05pm 8/14/06 3:05pm