All the World's a Soundstage: In Praise of Studio-Bound Alien Worlds

Quick, what's the first thing you noticed about the planet we visited in last night's Doctor Who special? That's right: It was a soundstage.* None of Matt Smith's final hour was filmed in a real location. Alien worlds used to be filmed in the studio more often — here's why we miss visiting Planet Soundstage. »12/26/13 4:56pm12/26/13 4:56pm


Armari eXtreme Concept Prototype is Liquid Nitrogen Cooled PC Beast

Armari's eXtreme Concept Prototype (XCP) super computer is made of some 100 uniquely designed parts, is either cooled by liquid nitrogen, liquid flurocarbon immersion or thermoelectric cooling and phase change, depending on the model's configuration and has the ability to run 24/7 without needing to shutdown. The XCP… »3/15/08 11:59pm3/15/08 11:59pm