Sprint's LG Lotus and Samsung HighNote: Fat Flip vs. Slim Slider

It's fitting that the two new Sprint phones from arch enemies LG and Samsung are so totally opposite in form. The $150 LG Lotus is a chunky purple paisley QWERTY-keyed flip phone (also in black). As you can see in the gallery below, the $100 HighNote from Samsung is a slider that elongates—emphasizing thinness—in two… »9/10/08 5:20pm9/10/08 5:20pm

sQuba Submarine Car Is Real, Looks Silly but Amazingly Fun

This is the sQuba, a concept—but very real—car devised by James Bond fanatic Frank Rinderknecht who, when he's not channeling the spirit of 007's gadget mentor Q, designs classic concept cars for a living. The amphibious two-seater has been made from a Lotus Elise, with three electric motors replacing the petrol… »2/15/08 6:30am2/15/08 6:30am

Electric SUV to Rival Tesla Roadster in Speed, Range

That Tesla Roadster electric vehicle that can do zero-to-60 in four seconds may not be able to hold the crown for coolest and fastest production electric vehicle for long, especially when this crossover SUV comes into town. Our greasemonkey guru blog-brothers at Jalopnik tell us this Lotus-designed firebreather packs… »1/30/07 12:40pm1/30/07 12:40pm